Who Is Ned?

Steve, aka Ned, and his wife Ann live in rural Sullivan, Missouri, are charter members of the Missouri Bluebird Society and members of the North American Bluebird Society.  Steve was recently asked to serve on the board of the Missouri Bluebird Society. He has built over 20 different types of nesting boxes for personal use and for sale. Steve monitors 4 bluebird trails for a total of 30 nesting boxes.  Data and photos are taken and sent to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for their Nestwatch program.  Steve has been a citizen scientist for Cornell for over 10 years and has participated in their Project FeederWatch.

To contact me send an email or call 636-629-8267.

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Nesting Boxes For Sale

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Primary Cavity Nesting Boxes
Pileated Woodpecker $45.00   Downy Woodpecker $35.00
Northern Flicker $40.00   Red-headed Woodpecker $40.00
Secondary Cavity Nesting Boxes
American Kestrel $40.00   Flying Squirrel $32.00
Barred Owl $45.00   Ned's Kit for Kids $26.00
Carolina Chickadee $32.00   Outhouse Box $35.00
Carolina Wren $25.00   Phoebe Shelf $23.00
Eastern Bluebird $35.00  Prothonotary Warbler $32.00
Eastern Bluebird 4" PVC $32.00   Tree Swallow $45.00      
Eastern Bluebird - Peterson $45.00   Tufted Titmouse $32.00 
Eastern Bluebird - Look - Alike $80.00   White-breasted Nuthatch $32.00
Eastern Bluebird 2 hole $40.00   Winter Roosting Box $55.00
Eastern Screech Owl $40.00   Wood Duck $50.00
Miscellaneous Boxes
Bat House $45.00   Lady Bug $26.00
Butterfly Box $32.00   Mason Bee $20.00
Carpenter Bee Trap $32.00  
Bird and Squirrel Feeders
Hopper $45.00   Squirrel $40.00
Log Suet $30.00   Tube $32.00
Bluebird Mealworm $40.00      

Shipping charges not included in price listed above. Contact me for a quote.


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